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Interview on
Awake with Jevon

Jenny talks about The Akashic Records, how and when she discovered her gifts,  and all the healing available to us through the Records.

See how Intuitive Life Coaching can provide the guidance and healing you need to release blocks and thrive in life. 

Meet Jenny

Intuitive Life Coach & Akashic Record Reader

Hi, I’m Jenny

I am a 38 year old single mother of three children spanning from toddler to teenager. I help women heal past-life wounds which are creating blocks for them in their current life. I work with and channel the Archangels, Goddess Kali, Mary Magdalene, and other Beings of Light along with my client’s personal Spirit Guides to deliver healing and guidance.  My client’s release stuck energy from past trauma and are able to move forward and live their life to it’s highest potential without the fear, doubt and pain which has held them back.  


I began experiencing past life memories when I was 18. In 2016, I had hit a rock bottom of depression and anxiety due to my abusive marriage. I literally fell to my knees one day and pleaded to the Heavens for help. The next morning I awoke with the gift of my depression being lifted. Spirit had shown me what was possible and I became devoted to my wellness and spirituality so I could reach that place of peace and freedom again.  


The Archangels, Goddess Kali and many Spirit Guides came into my awareness and I spent years of healing traumas from my past lives using Love, forgiveness and compassion.  I was able to bring my fragmented parts of soul back home so that I am whole and all parts of me know that I am loved and have always been enough.  


Along the way I found health and life coaching and obtained my Holistic MBA along with a sisterhood of like minded women who have shown me the power and strength of women supporting each other in community. In 2020 I reached a level of healing and empowerment that enabled me to leave my abusive marriage, with my three children, my youngest had just turned 1 yr old. I have fought hard to reclaim my power and independence and now live a life free of abuse, surrounded by love, and pursuing my soul's passion and purpose of helping women heal and remember the powerful creators they are. 


There is a part of you that knows you are worthy of your dreams

A part of you that is never hurt or broken

There is a part of you that is eternally free

"From the moment our session started, Jenny was so grounded, calm, and completely put me at ease. Her voice, her cadence, and the energy that I felt throughout the entire reading was so inviting. The way she shared my records with me and her follow up after our session leaves me knowing I'm definitely going to be back for more! You're so gifted and talented, Jenny! Thank you for opening up this world to me!”

-Amy D.

 "As my coach for the past few years, Jen has offered amazing support and is a genuine advocate for my entire wellness; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.The Akashic reading was spectacular!  Jen doesn’t hold back or censor what comes up but it’s a beautiful experience to have Jen guide it in her sweet, down to earth and humorous way. The synchronicities with what she relayed to me were out of this world 🤩  I adore Jen and highly recommend! "

-Cassie W.

" I had choices I was struggling to make before and during my time with Jenny, including a boss that overworked me and a relationship that I suspected wasn’t going where I wanted it to. After my 90 days with Jenny, I not only grew healthier, but my self-love grew tremendously. So much so, that I was finally able to leave both my working relationship and romantic relationship behind and begin a fresh, brighter chapter in my life. I’ll always be thankful to Jenny for her guidance."

-Abby H.

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