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Cassie W.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jen as a coach and most recently, had an Akashic reading with her. As my coach for the past few years, she’s offered amazing support and is a genuine advocate for my entire wellness; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Jen’s deeply considerate when she’s preparing sessions and practices, they’re tailored to me and have helped me to get to know my Self and expand in ways I didn’t know were possible. The Akashic reading was spectacular as well! I knew Jen was tapped in just from getting to know her so I’m really excited she’s sharing this with her clients and the world! Jen doesn’t hold back or censor what comes up but it’s a beautiful experience to have Jen guide it in her sweet, down to earth and humorous way. She encouraged me to find what resonates. The synchronicities with what she relayed to me were out of this world 🤩  I adore Jen and highly recommend! "

"I had no idea what an akashic record reading was. Therefore, I had no idea what to expect and wasn't attached to any particular outcome. From the moment our session started, Jenny was so grounded, calm, and completely put me at ease. Her voice, her cadence, and the energy that I felt throughout the entire reading was so inviting. She asked permission to share things with me which felt so safe and supportive to my experience. The way she shared my records with me and her follow up after our session leaves me knowing I'm definitely going to be back for more! You're so gifted and talented, Jenny! Thank you for opening up this world to me!”


Amy D.

Before beginning to work with Jenny, I was stressed, tired, and uncomfortable with my body most of the time. During our time together, I learned not only how to be conscious of the foods I was eating, and examined what was nourishing my body and what was not. I learned to be curious about the choices I was making, instead of judgmental, so we could figure out together the meaning behind them. We uncovered subconscious beliefs that were holing me back.  I had choices I was struggling to make before and during my time with Jenny, including a boss that overworked me and a relationship that I suspected wasn’t going where I wanted it to. After my 90 days with Jenny, I not only grew healthier in my food choices and my exercise, but my self-love grew tremendously. So much so, that I was finally able to leave both my working relationship and romantic relationship behind and begin a fresh, brighter chapter in my life. I’ll always be thankful to Jenny for her guidance and thankful to myself for putting me first for once.


Abby H.

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