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Romantic Relationships are the Mirrors of Our Childhood Wounds

Romantic relationships are among the toughest of relationships we can experience. Even if we eventually find our perfect mate and are lucky enough to have romantic bliss, we most certainly had to kiss a few frogs first. Why is this? Why is it so difficult to find and share love with another?

Throughout our childhood we pick up limiting beliefs, and experience trauma. Even the happiest of childhoods has had some level of trauma. These inner child wounds become soul lessons that we must overcome in order to move into a loving, respectful and nurturing romantic relationship.

How do we heal our childhood wounds? The first step is to acknowledge their existence in the first place. We have had these beliefs all, or most of our lives. They live deep in the subconscious and therefore most of us are completely unaware that they are there. In romantic relationships it is easy for us to place the blame on our partner for their wrong doings and feel pity for ourselves. However, we often don’t look at the situation, examine our own emotional experience and see the common thread of a cycle that has been playing out all of our lives.

It’s a real “aha,” moment when you examine your feelings and fears within your relationship and then examine your emotional hurts from childhood. They tend to line up, even if the exact form that the pain is delivered through is different.

Once you identify what your wounds are, you can start the process of healing. And this is a process. First the wounds need to be acknowledged, then they must be purged, and finally be replaced with the whole loving truth. Our subconscious is stubborn and doesn’t let go of things easily. For this reason, I find it crucial to call in the help of The Divine. Our Angels and Guides are always standing by ready to help.

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