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Journey into the Akasha: Through the Eyes of a Tiger

Updated: May 19, 2022

The tiger stalks the predatory men bound for assault. The tiger is steady and quiet, her attention on the sharp spear heads and crude objects crafted to take life. But the tiger will not let blood be shed today. The medicine woman, her dark skin drapped in bones and beads, an elaborate headpiece atop her head, her eyes rolled back. She chants in an ancient language, her body gyrates. It is she that sees through the eyes of the tiger. She knew these men were coming with ill intentions to pillage and wipe out her tribe. But she speaks to the tiger and sees through it’s eyes. She tells the tiger to attack these men and stop their vicious pursuit. With passion and precision the tiger strikes, driving the men deep into the jungle.

When going into the Akashic Records, my clients are reminded of their greatness. Though they may consider themselves ordinary, they have lived many lives. So many lives of courage, bravery, integrity and with a heart of service for their fellow man. Most of us have suffered great pain, abuse, slavery. But we have also lived lives or power and even magic.

The medicine woman protected her tribe. She healed the sick, blessed the children and instilled security and faith in her tribesmen’s. Her spiritual connection was very strong, giving her visions and the ability to communicate with the Earth and it’s medicine, wild animals tamed by her trance. She knew when her time in that earthly life was complete. She walked into the river and gently floated on her back gazing at the stars. She had no fear of death, she felt only peace, as she knew she was going home.

Through my client’s records I have seen beautiful miracles, human’s with strength and power that has left me in awe. Underneath the sweatshirt and yoga pants stained with a peanut butter and jellied toddler hand print, is a mystical medicine woman who healed the sick, spoke to the plants of the jungle and saw through the eyes of a tiger.

That ability to connect with this world and the ones beyond still remains. The inner knowing of the truth, guidance and power available to us lives on in her heart and soul. This woman is still a pillar in her community, someone that brings safety and healing to those around her, even if she doesn’t notice. She may have forgotten who she is and what she is capable of achieving.

And this is why her Spirit Team chose to show her this lifetime while she journeyed into her records. It was time that she own her true spirit and step into her purpose of intentionally bringing healing, light and hope into this world. And I am so honored to be her guide, into seeing herself and the power she holds.

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