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Crystal Moon Water

Moon + Rose Quartz + H2O= MAGIC

Water in itself is truly magical. Not only does it make up most of our bodies and our planet, but it is a living organism constantly picking up information, storing it, and delivering it to the plants and creatures it nourishes.

Since water is able to draw in information, it is a wonderful practice to influence your water with living, healing energy.

One way to do this is by adding a crystal to your water. Warning: Not all crystals are safe to put in your drinking water, some are very toxic. Please research the safety of your crystal before adding it to your water. Rose Quartz is a safe crystal to add to your water, always use a polished stone.

When Rose Quartz is added to your water, the water takes on the properties of the crystal. Rose Quartz has properties of Love, Harmony, Peace, and Healing.

Another way to utilize water’s ability to transmit energy is to put it in a glass pitcher and sit in in the moon light! This can be done at anytime the moon is shining, but is extra potent during the Full Moon.

The moon has so many healing benefits, more than us humans are even aware of, I’m sure! The moon’s energy helps us process our emotions. By drinking moon water you are helping yourself flow with the cosmic forces that affect us all. The moonlight also removes pain and trauma from our energy field and cells and promotes detox and physical and emotional healing.

An added bonus is if you get your kids excited about putting the water in moonlight, they are excited to drink it in the morning!! Win-win!

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