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Clearing and Protecting Your Energy Field

Updated: May 19, 2022

In these uncertain times when fear, stress and frustration abound, it can be difficult to find your peaceful place. It is easy to look for instant gratification through external comforts. We all know that binge eating, binge watching, declaring, “it’s five o’clock somewhere,” as we pour our one glass of wine in the novelty “fit a whole bottle of wine in a glass”-glass at noon in your P.J’s, might not be the healthiest of coping mechanisms.

But, we are human, and sometimes we just want to run away from it all. Sometimes the noise in our heads gets so loud, we need to shut it down, numb it out. And that’s ok, so please forgive yourself now for the chocolate pieces that fell down your cleavage and left a stain on your sports bra which hasn’t needed to support any action for awhile now.

And now it’s time to pick yourself back up. It’s time to remember what you already knew…

Peace is Within, and it’s always there.

How do you access this inner peace which feels so hidden? There are effective tools that anyone can use to release negative emotions and beliefs and raise your vibration, welcoming Peace and hope back into your life. Clearing and protecting your energy field is an essential practice to keep you in your chi and everyone else's energetic garbage out of your Sacred Temple.

Clear and Protect Your Energy Field

This step is vital to maintaining Peace in the current climate. We are all in this energetic soup together. On top of your own circumstances and worries you are also feeling the collective conscious and all the fears of humanity as a whole. This can be even more intense when out in public. If you leave your energy field open when you leave the house, the energy of others can seep into yours along with all their thoughts and emotions, even if you are not consciously aware of it. This is why it is also necessary to clear your energy when you arrive home so you can flush out all that is not yours to carry.


Clear and Protect Your Energy

Stand or sit with your feet on the ground. Close your eyes and place your hands in a prayer position over your heart, or resting on your thighs with palms facing up. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth completely, three times. Relax all the muscles in your body, releasing any tension from your face, jaw, and shoulders.

Focus your attention on the top of your head. Send your energy up towards the Heavens and connect to Divine Source.

Breathe in and bring down the Golden Light from above into the top of your head and all the way down your spine.

With every exhale, relax further, releasing any tension that still remains.

Breathe in the Light from above and bring it all the way down your spine. Now send the light out of your tailbone and shoot it down into the Earth. Feel your energy anchor into the core of the Earth. You can see this in your mind’s eye in whatever form you want : a rope, a cord, a root…I see mine like a beam of light, kinda like a light saber.

Breathe in the Light from above, down through your spine, and breathe it out into the core of the Earth.

With every exhale release all stress, worry, tension, and all that is not yours to carry.

You feel lighter and more stable, your energy is cleared and you are supported from Above and Below.

Protect your Energy

Now that your energy is cleared, it’s time to seal it up and protect it.

See yourself inside of a sapphire blue diamond, a protective barrier that extends beyond your body allowing your aura space. Thank Archangel Michael for protecting you throughout your day.

Say this affirmation:

“I Am safe and protected.

I only let Love in

I Am whole

I Am at Peace”

This quick and simple ritual offers instant relief and real protection. Practice this in the morning and evening or whenever you feel unwanted energies creeping in.

Be in Peace My Loves!!

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