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Ask for Help and Surrender

It’s easy for us to forget that we are not alone. Especially when it seems that there is no one there to help. So much falls on our shoulders. The housework, the bills, the telling everyone things will be all right.

When, really, we are pretty uncertain during these times how things will end up being.

When overwhelm takes over, it’s the perfect time to ask for help, and surrender.

Call upon Divine Source and your Angles and Guides for their help. Ask for help with ALL of it…the dishes, the laundry, the worry and fear. There is nothing too big or small to ask for help.

Say out loud, “I surrender!” Surrender all your shoulds and shouldn’ts. Surrender your plans and agendas. Surrender control and welcome new opportunities, new perspectives, new ways of being.

Things may never go back to the way they were, but maybe that’s ok. It is time for us to look for guidance from a Higher perspective.

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