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Archangel Ariel's Wealth Redistribution

“I am putting in consistent effort, I’m doing my best work, why am I not making money?” My client asks as we sit in her Akashic Records. With a giggle and sprinkling of gold coins onto my client’s feet, a beautiful glowing angel appears. It is Archangel Ariel, and she has a very important message, for not only my client, but for all of humanity.

Archangel Ariel explained to us that this is a time of wealth redistribution for humanity. She showed herself flying around the Earth, showering it with golden light and coins of abundance. Archangel Ariel explained that it is time for wealth to be distributed more evenly for all humans on Earth. However, this evolution must start on the personal level of wealth redistribution. In this context wealth is referring to our own value of ourself. See, we may honor and value some parts of ourself, like that we are a good friend, or a good citizen. But there are other parts of ourself that we do not value. That part of us that hides away trying not to be seen. Those parts of us that have longings and desires that we deem are not worthy of honoring. Our past actions that we feel ashamed or embarrassed of. These parts of ourself are in poverty. We do not give them worthiness so they do not receive any of the wealth of self-love, self-acceptance or self-forgiveness.

How do we love these parts of self that bring us pain, shame and embarrassment? How do we treat ourselves with compassion when we feel disappointment or even disgust with our perceived flaws? How do we deem all aspects of ourself equally worthy, equally valid and even beautiful? The process of healing old wounds, releasing stuck trauma from our energy field, and purging limiting beliefs is a journey we are not meant to embark on alone. This is a time of great healing and spiritual evolution for humanity and we are supported in doing this challenging and vital work.

Call upon Archangel Ariel to help you lift the veil and see your true worth. Call upon Archangel Jophiel and ask her to fill your heart and mind with positive thoughts and a fresh perspective that sees your true beauty. Surround yourself with loving community, relationships, and sisterhood. Ask the Universe to lead you to the healers who can help you transmute your shadows into love. This is the way to abundance. By fully loving all parts of ourself, by honoring the wisdom and strength you have gained from your pain and struggles. To be whole is to be truly wealthy. To embrace all your broken pieces with love and compassion is to be truly whole again.

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