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Jenny Nesbit

For the conscious creatrix ready to set her past on fire and rise into her highest vibration, living a life of sovereignty, passion and  purpose!


Are you struggling to move forward into the life you desire, the life you know you are meant for?


Do you feel as if you are living in a loop of relationship patterns, self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, and trauma that you just can’t seem to release?


Do you find yourself constantly wishing you could just fast forward time, be done with your pain and healing, and be living your dream life, fully lit up, knowing you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose?


The healing and support you need is available to you…


For many years, I was submerged in anxiety and depression, lonely in my abusive marriage. I could not see what my purpose was, or what direction to take. My self-worth had been stomped in the mud and I no longer experienced joy. My children suffered from my emotional distance. 


But I knew deep within, that my life was meant for more. I knew my children deserved a happy and present mother. 

I literally fell on my knees and pleaded to the Heavens for help.

And help came, in a very big way.


I began receiving visions and communicating with the Archangels, and many other Spirit Guides. Over the course of six years I journeyed into my past-lives, healing trauma through love and forgiveness and welcoming my fragmented parts of self home. I was invited into the Akashic Records and told I was meant to facilitate this healing for others.


I left my marriage and now live a life of wholeness, being fully present for my children and once again experiencing joy. I know my purpose and rejoice in my work, enlivened with the opportunity to help other women remember who they are, what they are worth, and claim the abundant life they are meant for. 

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  • Heal past-life traumas, release stuck energy, and break karmic ties that are weighing you down, and feel the freedom of living your most Divine life, no longer dragging around old heavy baggage!

  • Stand fully in your power owning the clarity of right direction as you uncover the sacred Akashic Records that hold the blueprint to your path and purpose.

  • Engage in a clear line of communication with your personal Spirit Team as you open your intuition and cultivate your connection to the Divine.  

  • Embrace inner peace as your natural state of being with the confidence of knowing you are protected, loved and supported by many powerful Beings of Light and the Source of all creation. 

  • See miracles unfold around you daily as you raise your vibration and live a life rich in the magic of manifestation.

  • Clear phobias and irrational fears by discovering the root cause and releasing the stuck energy so you can heal and move forward with the courage of your true warrior spirit. 

  • Joyfully live your life with exuberance as you break the limiting patterns that keep you living in a loop, and propel forward no longer chained to your past. 

  • Dance out the toxic energy that’s draining your life force, and awaken the limitless energy of your soul to feel vibrant, lit-up, and ready to be the creatrix Queen of your own reality. 

  • Awaken your treasure trove of natural gifts, talents, and abilities and watch the abundance flow in as you share them with the world — guilt and shame free.

“Honestly it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced...she is one of the best clairvoyants I have ever worked with...I highly recommend that you do this”

-Liane Lopes

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“She is THE MOST GIFTED intuitive and Akashic records reader I’ve ever experienced.”

“I just want to say that I have been working with Jennifer Nesbit for over two years now and she is THE MOST GIFTED intuitive and Akashic records reader I’ve ever experienced. I honestly can’t believe my luck. I feel like so often in my life people have told me about phenomenal intuitives (in many different modalities) but I either couldn’t afford them, they weren’t taking new clients, or when I worked with them it was “meh”.  But now I feel like I’ve finally found my person. ♥️. I can’t say enough good things about her. Everyone that has taken my recommendation has been blown away!"

-Elijah Selby

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“This Program is phenomenal and course-altering”

"I cannot even express how mind-blowing this program is.  SERIOUSLY. From past life information, to Archangels swooping in with some amazing and life-changing guidance, to having business meetings with my SPIRIT TEAM (like what! Heck YES), this program is phenomenal and course-altering.  If you have any doubts about signing on with Jenny, let them fall away now and RUN, do not walk, to book your call.”

-Abby Detweiler

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Here’s what you get in this 90-Day transformation, Goddess!

1 x 90 min VIP Kickoff Session

Journey into your Akashic Records where your personal Spirit Team awaits! Here we will discover the guidance and healing your soul most needs to move forward into living your life at your highest potential. Then, get clear on what you desire to rewire and create clear action steps to bring this into your life.   


​5 x 60 min Akashic Healing + Coaching sessions

Each week you will have direct access to your personal Spirit Team and Akashic Records. Discover who you’ve been in past-lives, unveiling your gifts, talents and strengths. Release old trauma and receive Angelic energy healing.  Create clear practical steps to apply this wisdom to your current everyday life with Jenny’s coaching expertise and learn how to integrate and embody all that is revealed in the Records.  

2 x 60 min Sacred Space Creation Sessions

Unlock your intuition and create your very own Sacred Space, a personal gateway to connect with your Spirit Team. Forever you will own and have access to your private sanctuary in which you will receive guidance, healing; and even embark on astral exploration!

x 60 min Vibrant Vessel Health & Wellness Sessions

Enter the Akashic Records for a full body health scan. In these sessions your physical and energetic body will be examined and best health practices will be determined for your unique vibrant vessel to shine its brightest!

1 X 90 min Soul Retrieval Session

A unique and profound experience, we will not be going into the Akashic Records, but into your subconscious. Protected and guided by the Archangels, Jenny will lead you into your subconscious to unveil what has you stuck in this current lifetime. But, first! You will meet your Guardian Angel!  Your Guardian Angel will stay by your side as you retrieve parts of soul energetically stuck in trauma, welcoming parts of self home with loving embrace.  This practice is very potent in deep healing and reclaiming your power and wholeness. 



1 x 60 min Closing Session

In this session we will again connect with your Spirit Team and create a step-by-step plan on how to move forward and integrate everything we’ve learned and apply it to your everyday life!  


Why Work With Me?


Here’s what I want you to know about the level of my work and how I’m unlike every other coach out there… Not every coach—

  • has cultivated clear communication with the Divine and has the ability to tap into guidance directly from your own personal Spirit Team.

  • is invited into the Akashic Records with protection of the highest vibration which ensures only information for your Highest Good will be delivered.

  • has years of training and experience with the application of energy medicine and its miraculous healing abilities and is a clear conduit of Divine Healing Energy. 

  • has put in the work to heal their own past-life and current life wounds and has retrieved their parts of soul stuck in trauma so that they may serve you from a place of wholeness and true compassion for the human experience. 

  • knows first-hand what it takes to completely transform their life and can lead you by the hand in how to manifest miracles others say are impossible. 

  • carries the knowledge of 7 + years and many thousands of dollars, of formal accredited training and professional working experience in a multitude of Holistic Health, Transformational Coaching, and Spiritual Healing modalities. 

  • has the gift and ability to experience your past-life memories first-hand, without you needing to regress or remember on your own.


Jenny Nesbit is the founder and CEO of MetaMama and is the creator of the deeply transformative and evolutionary coaching programs, The Femme Phoenix Rising and Glorious Goddess. A gifted and compassionate Spiritual Intuitive and Akashic Healer, Jenny is leading women out of ancestral and soul trauma and into the freedom of living in wholeness, fully empowered and rejoicing in their life of magical manifestation and highest potential.

Heeding the call of her soul, Jenny fought for the happiness and total wellness she knew her and her children were worthy of and destined for.  Surrendering to the Love and wisdom of the Universe, she embarked on her hero’s journey of soul retrieval, spiritual growth, and taking authority over how she was going to live her life. Breaking away from an abusive marriage, holistically healing her anxiety disorder and multiple autoimmune conditions, without the use of medications, and courageously embodying her warrior spirit, Jenny serves as an inspiration to women everywhere that anything is possible.

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