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Meet Jenny Nesbit

Intuitive Life, Spirituality and Holistic Health Coach

Asking for help from my Angels and Spirit Guides completely transformed my life!


I marvel at daily miracles and am enchanted by the magic of manifestation.  Our Spirit Guides want to help us evolve and live our life to our highest potential. The first step is invitng them in, seeking and accepting their support and having the willingness to let go of the beliefs, patterns and relationships that are not serving us so that we can live out our dreams and desires.  


I spent many years feeling trapped and helpless.  I was overwhelmed with the monotony of daily housework that seemed unnoticed and unappreciated by my family. I had lost the feeling of joy.  I could remember feeling an inner bliss before, but it was just that, a memory of a person I was no longer.  I had been isolated, spending all my time with my beautiful children, but without friends, community or even solo outings. 


I was in an abusive marriage, but had been brainwashed into believing that I was the problem.  I denied the truth about my husband and his treatment of me and instead told myself that I needed to work harder for his attention, apologize more so he wasn’t always disappointed in me.


I told myself that I did not need affection.  I told myself that I just needed to focus on my children. My feelings of being unlovable were frivolous and not to be acknowledged. I could live without joy, I was fine not being desired or heard.  I could handle the neglect and constant verbal bashing as long as I was a good mother to my children. After all, how would I make it on my own. Like my husband always told me, I’m nothing without him, I have no money, no house, no car, it’s all his. It’s not fair to my children to live a life of poverty with me just so I can maybe feel loved one day. 


But that is total Bullshit.


Yes, we need affection! Yes we need joy, play and pleasure! Yes, we need friends and community! Yes, we deserve to receive for all that we put out! Yes, we are worthy of our  dreams and desires! Yes, we can feel pride in our parenting no matter how imperfect it is! 


This is what makes a great mother. 


A woman fully lit up, fully seen and heard and expressed. A woman in touch with her inner fire, her power, her Divinity, her sensuality. A woman who knows her worth and value. A woman who cares for and nurtures herself as much as her beloved children, spouse, friends, family. A woman who can receive as much as she gives.


I felt such loneliness and sorrow that one day I fell to my knees and pleaded to the Heavens for help. 


And help came.


I reconnected with my spirituality and dove to greater depths than ever before.  I sought answers to heal my autoimmune conditions, anxiety and depression in a way that felt truly nourishing and healthy for my body.  I found friends. I asked for help. I gave to my community. I began to live life outside of the cage I had been kept in. 


This isn’t an easy journey, but the treasures you find along the way are worth the travel.  It took several years since that day I fell to the ground and pleaded for help for me to find the strength to leave my husband. I had to ask for help more than ever, moving with my children to my parents home. My youngest was just 1 yr old.  With very little financial support from my husband, combined with navigating an over crowded household, resurfacing patterns from childhood due to living with my parents, and a global pandemic, it seemed the odds were stacked against me. 


But I had already seen miracles in my life. I had invested in healing myself, my wounds from this life and the traumas from past lives that were re-manifesting and keeping me stuck. I found my purpose and cultivated friendships with amazing caring genuine people. I had to learn to be ok with receiving help from those in my life, and in the spiritual realm.  There is so much truth in the phrase, “it takes a village.” We women are not meant to do it all on our own.  This way of thinking that modern society has put on us has brainwashed us into thinking that receiving from others and self-nourishment is selfish and bad.  But it is beautiful and the way it is intended to be.  


You can make it out of your struggle. You can find joy and bliss. You deserve to have everything you desire.  This is what makes you a great mama. This is how you shine your light so that your children feel safe to shine theirs.  


I now live a life free of abuse. In fact, I don’t have anyone in my life that doesn’t treat me with respect and love.  I have community, support and guidance all around me and I feel worthy of asking for help and receiving all the gifts life has to offer. 


I am free.


Jennifer Nesbit  has an Holistic M.B.A., and is a Certified Health and Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation accredited program at Health Coach Institute.  Jennifer is also certified in the Transformational Coaching Method and has studied Energy Medicine with Donna Eden at Esalen Institute. Jennifer has a B.A. in English and Creative Writing.  She lives with her three children, ages 3, 10, 14 in Southern California.

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